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The Goal

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

we’re told it’s best

to work toward a goal

some beacon in the future

that is the best way to get things done

to make sure you’re not just floating

aimless in life

but what do you do

if you get to your goal

what you think is the destination

and realize

it’s not what you wanted

your hard work

was for naught

but is that really the case

or is it that

along the way

you made compromises

to get a part of your goal

with the hope that it would fill you

all the same

and you get to the end

and are miserable

isn’t this what I wanted?

you think it over

and over again

until you realize


no, this is not what I wanted


along the way

you made a deal

hoping you’d be satisfied

with a piece of your dream

with a taste

when in reality

you want the whole damn thing


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